Using The Brain

Recent neuroscience and psychology research explain the close interdependencies between development, well-being, and performance.

Data and feedback from users of StepUpYourDay confirm that they benefit from the reinforcing cycle.


Accelerate the impact of coaching and development efforts by supporting daily self reflection and generating rich data.

StepUpYour Day invites you to use your daily events and tasks as opportunities to motivate and challenge yourself healthily. You focus your energy on what matters while preserving it elsewhere.

It helps you be aware, formulate intentions, and note down insights while generating a wealth of data that enables you to identify your further potential.


Stefan Falk and Nicolai Tillisch met in the 1990s while working at McKinsey & Company as management consultants.

They have since become executive coaches and bestselling authors. StepUpYourDay is their joint initiative to harvest the fruits of recent neuroscientific research and help people who want to be extraordinary.

Stefan and Nicolai have developed StepUpYourDay in partnership with Appivo (the application development platform creator) and Promentum Equity Partners.

Privacy and data processing

You can use the solution on your own, or you can invite a coach, trainer, manager, or teammates to follow your development in selected areas. You are in charge of your own data.

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Deliberate Development Nordic AB has launched and runs the StepUpYourDay solution in partnership with Appivo AB. Appivo applies a GDPR compliant process to data and privacy: Read Appivo’s Privacy Statement.

If you’ve read Appivo’s privacy policy and still have questions about how we’re processing personal information, please contact us on [email protected].